GTAV Online Easy $50,000 in 45 seconds

If you are an online GTAV player and want to make some quick money YouTuber MrBossFTW has demonstrated an easy way to earn over $50,000 in just 45 seconds in his latest GTA 5 gameplay video. GTA gamers in dire need of some in-game cash can now make tons of money every time they successfully complete a simple time trial job in the online mode. If you’re keen to log on to GTA Online and play with and against your friends, you will likely want the best experience that is free of sluggish performance due to poor internet speeds and connectivity. The use of a fiber internet service will provide you with a superior gaming experience that will keep you in the action and allow for a more enjoyable time interacting with others online.


Here are some useful tips from Ross to help you accomplish the weekly time-trial challenge with ease:

  • Just grab one of the fastest bikes from the streets of Los Santos and head over to the time-trial marker in Mount Gordo, facing one side of the railway bridge. The record time to beat is 46.3 seconds and if you get it right, you should complete the challenge in less than 45 seconds.
  • Just accelerate the bike up the hill as fast as
    you can without hitting any obstacles or jumping off the bumps as this will remarkably slow you down or you may even fall off balance from the bike. If ever you fall down, you will need to start over from scratch as every wasted second will cost you dearly.
  • As long as possible, you need to keep your bike rooted to the ground and avoid too much of air-time that could easily throw you off-balance. You need to pass through two bridges and once you pass the second bridge you need to steer right, taking your bike up the ramp.
  • Once you get there, just stay in the little ravine or trench inside of the mountain, while avoiding the large rocks on either sides and make your way up to the summit or peak. The time-trial is open for any number of attempts until you complete the challenge successfully.
  • If you fail a few times or fall off your bike, just keep repeating the entire course until you familiarize yourself with the mountain’s rough terrain and the obstacles strewn around it.
  • If you do not go under 46.3 seconds you will not earn the $50,000 thousand and you will get $1000 instead so make sure you have a fast bike perhaps you can even upgrade the bike to increase your chances.

Here is the location on the map:



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