Drop Zone Adversary Mode and the Sultan and Banshee Customizable Wide Body Race Cars

Freefall your way into Drop Zone, the latest addition to GTA Online on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In this new Adversary Mode, teams of paratroopers jump from Cargobobs hovering high above, then race to the ground to seize and maintain control of a small, exposed patch of terra firma. No man is an island here – you and your squad mates will need to attack and defend as a unit. You want to make sure you don’t face the dreaded PS4 error message “data is corrupted” before this update goes live, that’s for sure.

With four teams and up to 16 players zeroed in on the target area, this mode is fast, chaotic and prone to huge swings in fortune. First team to hold the drop zone for a total of two non-continuous minutes wins. There are five Drop Zone maps, each requiring a unique approach to deal with changes in terrain and cover. These can be found at Pillbox Hill, Richman College, Elysian Island, the Mirror Park cul-de-sac and the Sisyphus Theater.

Now at Benny’s: New Vehicles and Upgrades

Guys you should all take a look at this vehicle as it looks legendary as seen in the photo below. It is a great way to keep the game interesting and going for the GTAV crew. This is the Banshee and looks amazing with all the new colour and stickers. Also as the GTAV online people are saying that these cars can even compete against the Zentorno and the T20 when they are full upgraded. But I don’t think so why don’t you guys try and post if these cars can be raced against super cars as such.banshee

And second new update on a car is the Karin Sultan with a nice pink rally car look. Looks good but personally the banshee look better.




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