New Release Date for PC and Maybe the NEW UPDATE HEIST ONLINE

        Hi, fellow GTA players recently I gave an outlook for the upcoming new update heist and there are more info on it at so anyway it is going to be great when it comes out.



For PC players that are looking forward to bringing the full GTAV experience to their computers have to wait till March 24th 2015 since GTA: The Official Site announced that there are few bugs that they have to improve so they pushed the date from January to March which made lot of gamers unsatisfied. So I am predicting they will either have the HEIST update at the release date of PC or later. They have been pushing the update for a while now and people have actually started to wonder if they are actually going to have the heist update. There have been so many rumours but so far none of them has been proven or true. Word of advice don’t believe every web site you go on and trust the GTAs Official Web Site since they are in control of everything that is related to GTAV.


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