The Flight School Update

 The Flight School Update


Once you complete the flight school and after buying the brand new flight suit, take your new ride with the coquette classic or coquette classic convertible for around $650000. Perhaps you might want to try the new helicopter or the jets.

corvette stingray

Coquette Classic

Corvette Stingray 1965

corvette stingray convertible

Coquette Classic Convertible    

  Corvette Stingray 1965 Convertible 

Now with this update comes new Races, Captures, Parachute Jumps and more, including all-new VS Mission modes. Acquire Targets is a kill-the-carrier style mode where opponents fight in P996 Lazers to control one flag; maintain control for as long as you can to rack up points. I personally really enjoyed the update especially the flight school since it payed lots of money and the cars were awesome.

the flight schoolpilot costume


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