San Andreas 10th Year Anniversary Special on GTAV ONLINE


It is unimaginable to think that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released 10 years from today. So in celebration of this magnificent games 10th anniversary, Rockstar Games took 5 PS3 and 5 X-BOX created jobs and established it in GTAV Online. Therefore you will need access to PS Plus or Xbox Live to be able to access these. If you have an Xbox, you may want to check out the Xbox rewards scheme before buying an online pass, as this could save you some money. To play these jobs, go to the titles that I will provide you with. You can select “Add to Game” and bookmark these jobs either for yourself or your crew.

1. Dam Rider by SyxTnynE (PS3)

One of the jobs is called Dam Rider and it is a race for motorcycles. Starts from Land Act Dam down to the East Vinewood and back to Grand SeƱora Desert. Apparently creator of this race is posing a challenge and says “CJ beat the dam race, now can you”. So this either means it is a hard race to surpass or a really straightforward one. I think it is good to try new things.

2. Grove Sweet Grove by Captain_Fred01 (PS3)

Grove Street is made by a PS3 player and is about death match. Certainly if you have more than 5 people or equal amounts of people on each team and equivalent levelled players it makes the job a lot more fun. This job also helps you gain shooting skills, earn easy money, and RP. Creator describes the job as “Family’s for life homie, you down?”

3. A Home in the Hills by Rozza3 (PS3)

This is the second race chosen by Rockstar Game, from Sandy Shores will through a tremendous way with sharp and winding turns along Baytree Canyon. At the end be careful don’t smack direct into a wall or the roadblock take this into account.

4. N.O.E. by ala-eddine97 (PS3)

Third race of the chosen ones is a Air Race takes place across Blaine Country, starting from Alamo Sea and finishing at Sandy Shore. I recommend this race if you would like to improve your flying skills since I still am not a ACE pilot myself. Plus it is fun and adventurous and watch the adrenaline rushing low altitudes.

5. Sweet and Kendyl by GoochTheftAuto95 (PS3)

Fourth on our list is described as “A BMX Race from Hill Valley Cemetery to Grove Street and all the sights in-between. A homage to the San Andreas Mission with the same name.” Another bike race fun to play with friends perhaps with crew member or by yourself how ever you feel like but playing with others or crew gives more money and RP then playing by yourself.

6. Bloodring Bangers by Arms Dealer (Xbox 360)

Fifth race is full of excitement this includes rockets, speed boosts, and weapon pickups. Great way to have a tremendous way of having an adventure.

7. Gray Imports by JIIThe_JokerIIK (Xbox 360)

Second death match chosen can be played up to with 16 people. Best if played with max amount of players to enhance the excitement. There are many weapons to pick up of the ground but ensure yourself a weapon before the job just incase and probably use heavy armour or any armoire you have.

8. Grove Street Brawlers by Pressure.Drop (Xbox 360)

Third death match is set in Davis. There are many melee weapons to make things unpleasant on Grove Street. There also weapons such as Molotov Cocktails, and Tear Gas grenades. Here is some advice to people that wants to play this job keep your enemies at bay.

9. Little Loop by JIIThe_JokerIIK (Xbox 360)

Sixth race is a motorcycle race. Known fact, named after classic San Andreas circuit. Great way to meet new crew if you don’t have fun especially a motor crew.

10. Wrong Side of the Tracks by GTAMANIAC99 (Xbox 360)

Seventh race and the concluding of the 10 jobs is again a motorcycle race. Starts from down the LS train tracks running west to east from Cypress Flats, passing through Mirror Park and concluding in the Tataviam Mountains. Warning close quarters exchanges in the numerous narrow tunnels you will encounter going towards the finish line could even the score at a moment’s notice.


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