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For GTAV Online Easy Money and RP:
– For money there are several ways;
* Sell cars that you steal off the streets.
Easy to find cars on the street include, Ubermacht Oracle $8000
Gallivanter Baller $9000
* Missions
High Paying Missions include;
– Rooftop Rumble(75) $18750 with 2346RP and you can get more money after getting the package wait for half an hour or hour depends if you want more money and RP do not deliver the package and you get around $30000 and 4000RP. Level Hard
– Pot Luck First Time $10500 and around 1000RP goes down as you play. Level Hard
– Coveted Mission $18000 if you play hard but takes a while to finish.
* Survival
Any of the survivals if you pass to survival meaning passing wave 10 you get $30000 and around 4000RP. Its easier to pass survival if you play with 4 people. To do this you have to press start button and then join mission to survival and most likely you will play with someone better than trying to survive all 10 waves by yourself.
* Racing
Unfortunately races don’t pay as much but you gain driving experience. Pays around $8000 and around 1000RP if you do 8- 10 laps by yourself, but if you are with friends races pay more.Obviously you need to come first to gain the most RP and money.
* Flight School
Almost any of the flying exercises pay $10000 if you get gold again this is easy money
* Golf
There is only one golf game in GTAV and it is a great way to level up. If you play by yourself for 9 holes you get 2000RP which is decent for a relaxing golf game.


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