Grand Theft Auto V ONLINE


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Hi everyone, as you know GTAV is the game to play. GTAV includes a multiplayer mode as you might know it is called the Grand Theft Auto Online, where you can still use things like a dota 2 boost to enhance your gameplay and ensure that you are playing with people to the same level or higher. Grand Theft Auto Online was released on October 1, 2013. It involves everything from flying, driving cars, driving boats, missions, and a lot more. There are different ways for cheats or as I would like to call it easy money/RP and I will go into detail about online cheats. Anyway you can transform your cars from plain to a rally car or almost anything you can think of. You can customize weapons and do what your heart desires. I personally believe GTAV online is better then GTAV story mode since there are more opportunities to make money and interact with other people. I will be sharing the new updates for GTAV ONLINE as they progress. You can comment any cool glitches or easy money/RP here on this blog so leave a comment.



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